Keep your engine parts from freezing or overheating, and keep your cab warm with Bobcat Antifreeze and Coolant. Make sure you have the right amount of antifreeze and coolant at all times, checking levels every 3 months. Having extra antifreeze and coolant on hand could prevent costly engine repairs. Provides excellent engine protection in four key areas: freeze-up protection, corrosion protection, boil-over protection, and heat transfer. PG formula is substantially less toxic then EG (ethylene glycol) based antifreeze Protects fluids from freezing in temperatures as low as -34°F Keeps fluid from boiling and reaching temperature as high as 225° F Convenient premixed formula Purple in color Do not use an ethylene glycol hydrometer to test propylene glycol base coolants. Do not mix PG and EG Antifreeze and Coolant. This causes a significant increase in freeze point. Do not add coolant to a hot engine Low silicate and low total dissolved solids coolant Phosphate-free formula with patented stabilizers Precharged with high quality supplemental coolant additive

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